Before you head out on the road as one of our drivers, read through all the information here and make any necesarry changes to your vehicle and account to make sure you comply with the simple company rules.

In-Game Tag

The Shenanigans Logistics player tag is mandatory. As we allow our drivers to have whatever they like as their paint job, we need a way to tell the difference between a normal player and our drivers on the roads of TruckersMP. For some drivers, the in-game tag will be their only reference to Shenanigans Logistics, so it needs to be done correctly.

To change your tag in TruckersMP, press TAB on your keyboard. From there right click your mouse and go over to the Players Near You menu and click on the settings icon. In the General tab, look down until you see Player Tag. In that box, type Shenanigans and set the colour to R0 G100 B100. I find it's easier to copy and paste the values into the boxes as entering them manually is quite broken and finding it using the picker can get annoying. As close as possible will do just fine! If you have bad ping or you want to show your nationality, feel free to change the tag to Shenanigans | LAG or Shenanigans | UK as an example.

The in-game player tag and colour changer box

In-Game Paint Job

The Shenanigans Logistics paint job is optional, and you may choose whether or not you want to use it. We understand that drivers like their trucks to reflect their personalities and styles, so we don't enforce our paint job during regular driving. However, if you choose to participate in a convoy (not an event,) then the paint job is mandatory in order to attend as screenshots will most likely be taken for the gallery, and we want every truck looking like a memeber of the VTC when convoys are held.

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