The ATS paint job is designed completely differently from the ETS2 one. Keeping with the company colour scheme, we made the paint jobs work better with the ones provided in ATS, and as such we have made this. In our opinion, it's really nice and modern, and it represents the company and it's values. You can use the paint job if you would like, but it is still mandatory at convoys and company events. 

On ATS, we would like it if you were to drive a Freightliner with the paint job to convoys and events, of couse you can drive another truck if you want as we dont enforce our paint job for normal driving, but the paint job works best with the Freightliner as its the only truck with the desired paint job.

If you choose not to drive a Freightliner, the paint job has to be Divided or similar (Elegance, Selection, Ambition, etc) and must follow the general colour scheme as shown below. the colours are the same, with the Shenanigans Green being: R0 G100 B70

Truck Paint Job - Blue ByteS (freightliner)


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