Getting Started

Shenanigans Logistics is a laid-back VTC, so as such we don't ask much from our drivers and nearly everything is optional depending on the experience you want. Listed below are a few things that will help you out as one of our drivers.

Job Logging

We use VTLog as our logger of choice, as it has good Discord integration, so any job you complete gets sent to the Discord Server. VTLog also allows drivers to see other drivers progress on jobs using a live job viewer and once you install VTLog, you can forget it exists and it will work in the background without any interference. We don't have a minimum number of miles/kilometers that you need to log, it's just a fun thing to mess around with. Feel free to set yourself some goals when it comes to job logging and distance, but we won't be enforcing anything on our drivers.

Click the button below to apply to join Shenanigans Logistics on VTLog, just tell us your discord name (ImmAdam#1625) as long as you are in our Discord server you will be accepted.

Player Tracking

If you have VTLog installed, you can use either their live job viewer to track the progress on your job, or you can use their interactive maps to see your location in-game. This can be helpful if you're trying to find a friend on Multiplayer, or if you just want to see what everyone else is up to. The buttons below will take you to the dedicated maps depending on the game you're playing.


On the 21/07/2021, Shenanigans Logistics opened it's first division after the VTC had grown to a size where it was reasonable. The company has 2 divisions, one being General Haulage, and the other being Heavy Haulage + Logging. When you join SL, you become part of the General Haulage division. By working hard and showing us that you are dedicated, you will then be able to apply for our other divisions.

Once you feel that you are ready to take your experience in the VTC one step further, click the link below to see the requirements and apply for one of our divisions.

General Haulage

The General Haulage division is the core of the VTC, handling deliveries from containers at dockyards, to freshly baked cakes in refridgerator trailers. Everyone who joins the VTC will become a General Haulage driver, and if you like the variety of different loads, then feel free to stay put!

Heavy Haulage + Logging

The Heavy Haulage and Logging division has it's own custom paint job, and you can chane your TMP tag to Shenanigans | HH+L to show that you are apart of the division. To join, you need to have logged at least 5,000 miles, and be able to handle Low Loaders and Floor Logger trailers. Any truck axle configuration is allowed.


Shenanigans Logistics has driver ranks that you can achieve depending on how many miles/kilometers you cover on jobs while you are a member of the VTC. To be able to rank up, you must install VTLog (see Job Logging section below) so that we can easily check how much distance you have covered while you have been in teh company. Listed below are a list of driver ranks that you can achieve:

Trainee Driver -  The rank you are given when you first join the company. The rank will be removed once you have everything set up correctly and have become a valid driver.

Valid Driver -  The rank you are given once you have finished setting up everything. If you do not log jobs, you will stay as this role unless you are promoted within the company.

Rookie Driver - The rank you recieve after joining the VTLog Company. This is where job logging miles begin to affect your rank, so make sure you get delivering if you want to achieve the top rank!

Amateur Driver - Achieved after logging 25,000 Miles (40,000 Kilometers) 

Skilled Driver - Achieved after logging 50,000 Miles (80,000 Kilometers) 

Expert Driver - Achieved after logging 75,000 Miles (120,000 Kilometers) 

Veteran Driver - Achieved after logging 100,000 Miles (160,000 Kilometers) 

Driver of the Month - Awarded to the driver at the end of each month with the most logged miles while on jobs. Once awarded, the driver gets to pick a DLC that they want, as long as the budget does not exceed £3-£4.

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